About Us

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Who we are

Wei Shi Natural and Grains started its business in Canada in December 2018.  We are an international food wholesale company located in Regina Saskatchewan.

Our Mission

The demand for natural and organic foods has increased over the years due to rising awareness about the importance of natural foods in the diet all over the world.

Organic Foods in North America: The demand is being boosted by the increasing preference among consumers for healthy food. Food items containing trans-fat are losing market share to low calorie, low fat, natural and organic products. With a strong product portfolio of healthy products, the company can leverage the growing demand for health and wellness and improve its sales. Nearly 80% US families reported that they purchase organic at least sometimes. With parents focusing on providing healthier food options to their children, there has been an increase in the frequency of purchases of organic foods in the country. Furthermore, the awareness of the USDA Organic seal is also contributing to such a surge in sales. With consumers looking for the seal when shopping for organic products, the study indicated that the trust in organic products has increased.

In Emerging Markets: There is an increasing popularity of organic foods in the China and China is becoming a large health food market. The demand for organic food has been continuously increasing in the China in the recent years because there is the increasing preference among consumers for healthy food. Importantly, market sources in the mainland estimate that China’s health food and nutritional supplement market is worth more than RMB1 trillion. Thanks to the people’s rising health awareness, it can be expected that this market will continue to grow.

Realized the emerging demand all over the world including Canada, the USA, China, we plan to contribute to introduce the Chinese health food to the North America as well as to introduce the North America natural food to China. We believe with such high demand, we can both contribute the health of the people in the world and at the same time achieve big commercial success.

Our Supplier

We are building up a strong relationship from several top natural food companies, for example, Chinese Tea companies, and Body Fuel Organics.